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How to Choose Your Brand’s Color Palette

Let’s talk colors! Colors are so important to creating + building your brand. We are visual humans, and crave consistency… so we love a brand that we can easily recognize.

Now, how the heck do you choose your colors?! Well, first off — as a brand starting out, try to stick to a pallet of 4(ish) colors. & when I say colors, I mean exact color codes, not just any shade of yellow, any shade of blue, or any purple that you think looks nice, etc.

Having a palette of about four colors, and knowing your exact color codes is a useful too for – A) your audience to recognize + become familiar with your brand. And B) to quickly create cohesive branded collateral, marketing, and social media material.

There really are no hard + fast rules when it comes to choosing the colors themselves. This is a very visual + intuitive process. I try to stick to colors that complement each other, are in a similar family, or emanate a similar tone/vibe. The trick to a great palette, however, is having one color that pops and stands out from the others while still flowing with them.

For example, you don’t have to have all different shades of beige. Instead, a good palette could look like black, a shade of beige or cream, and then a pop of muted red.

Slide into my DMs or comment with any questions you have abut choosing the perfect colors for your brand palette!

Really struggling with this who brand thing? I’d love to take a deep dive with your about your brand, values, personality, and how you want to communicate with the humans interacting with your brand.

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How to Choose a Color Palette

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