Kontu STEM Blocks: Sales Page

August 21, 2020

Kontu STEM blocks are an eco-friendly modular system of magnetic wooden blocks & cards that appeals to parents, educators, and especially children. They saw a problem in the market with the lack of math skills in the early years, hampering human potential and widening the achievement gap.

Kontu’s goal is to bring a hands-on, multi-sensory exploration of the concepts of one-to-one correspondence, cardinality, ordinality, shape, order, numeral recognition, and spatial reasoning. 

In addition to solving conversion and UX issues on the sales page of this site, I was tasked to refresh the branding on the site — making it clean, and professional. This included building a design system in Figma, and brining in the neutral colors found in the products, using the logo colors as accents. 

I designed this page in Figma, focusing on clean text, liberal use of product photos, and story-telling — to bring the product to life. Rounding the edges of photos and shapes echo the rounded edges of the product. 

The live site can be viewed HERE

This project was done in collaboration, white labeling for Wander Design Co.