Why moodboards are important for your brand

Let’s talk about moodboards! We’ve all seen those beautiful collages of images and patterns on Pinterest. Or watched interior designers gather textures for reference in their amazing living rooms. But apart from fancy interior designers, you might be wondering what moodboards are good for and asking yourself questions like: Why create moodboards? How do I use a moodboard? and, What can a moodboard do for my brand? I’m here to answer those questions — and share my own love for these awesome design tools. Let’s get started

Why create a moodboard?

Moodboards are used to visually illustrate a specific style and set a brand’s story. Images, patterns, texture, and color create emotion. By putting a handful of these elements in one place, you begin to visually express the feeling you want your target customer to have when they interact with your brand.

How do I use a moodboard?

You can use a moodboard in so many ways, but most importantly—they are a visual reference for you as you create other materials for your brand. Moodboards are there to remind you what visual images represent your brand and what patterns fit the style you’ve created. With the imagery and colors, moodboards can also inspire you to write clearer in your brand voice.

What can a moodboard do for my brand?

In addition to everything I’ve mentioned above, creating a moodboard one of the first steps in the branding process. It will help you better choose your brand colors, set the tone for your future logo, and inspire elements later used in your brand. Basically, they’re a foundation piece you don’t want to miss.

Want to create a moodboard for your brand? I did all the hard work for you and created a FREE template that you can use with your own images. Click on the link below, grab my template, and get all my tips and tricks! I can’t wait to see what you create.

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